Bozell Worldwide

Bozell Worldwide is a subsidiary of True North Communications, the 6th-largest public relations and advertising entity in the world – serving clients like Chrysler, The New York Times, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. The company’s most famous campaign by far is the one that put “milk mustaches” on everyone from Florence Griffith Joyner to Billy Ray Cyrus. Bozell Worldwide’s existing 30,000 sq.ft. office was divided up into dismal cubicles that had insufficient meeting and conferencing areas. In addition the reception area was cramped, old and out of date looking. They needed a new open office layout to increase communication within the company and reflect the changing technology and work styles that would keep them current with their client base.
The new spaces that Guy Kohn designed while working with Kapell and Kostow Architects, opened up the formerly dark and crowded Reception Area by introducing new floating ceilings, angled walls of different heights, materials, flooring, video monitors and bright colors to add a sense of whimsy upon entering the space. Two new conference rooms and their adjoining breakout lounge areas were designed to flow naturally from the main reception/seating area. These conference rooms incorporated the latest in video technology and teleconferencing equipment and were designed with flexibility in mind. The entire work suite was conceived as a multi-function area where 5 or 6 meetings or presentations could be going on at the same time.

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