David Z Store 14th Street

Kohn Architecture is a retail design firm in NYC, and was the architect that transformed the David Z store on 14th Street.
14th street has long been known for its honky tonk discounter type stores. The street spans between the improved Union Square District and the now trendy Meat Packing District in NYC. KOHN ARCHITECTURE designed a new David Z store to reflect the company’s version of culturally diverse street fashion and downtown funk. Thus, the store fits in with an area that has become a hip happening retailing street. The new David Z store is located in a former Woolworth’s store space. As a result, the new store brings a cultural and aesthetic feel to rival the feeling that people first felt when they walked into Woolworth’s in its heyday. Woolworth’s had the Muzak, bright lighting, the smell of shoes and other things. It also had the magical, fun feeling of a circus combined with an amusement park.
The new David Z Store has all that and more; conflicting geometries, asymmetry, eclectic materials and intense graphics form a cohesive and vibrant selling environment. It also has a state-of-the-art Bose sound system, magical lighting coming from a ceiling designed like none ever before, the latest fashion in new shoes, vividly colored designs and patterns covering the floors, columns, walls and counters. Accentuating the fun are fixtures along the walls, and throughout, that make shopping a new and exhilarating experience.
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