Exterior Repair Architectural Services

KOHN ARCHITECTURE NYC can survey, provide a facade inspection, and analysis for the exteriors of all types of buildings. For instance, we provided this for AIMCO Properties, a publicly owned building and management company. The properties comprised of 6 buildings; two groups of 5 story masonry tenement style multiple dwellings. The first stage of the project was a detailed report with photo keys and a drawing, showing building envelope defects. The most common problems involved: broken lintels, running cracks, parapet deterioration, roofing and flashing rotting, broken fire escapes, and caulking problems. Based on the report, we worked with historic building consultants to develop mortar mixes and cleaning and repair strategies. We made drawings to develop the scope of the work, and also construction filing drawings. Currently work has begun on these buildings, and we are providing construction administration services as well as special inspections.

We are also providing on call services for other AIMCO Properties in and around New York City. These projects include the creation of new design standards for typical Aimco apartment renovations, the renovation of 8 apartments in various properties, and the design of metal service platforms. It also includes a separate laundry and trash storage room, and the repair and re-construction of a 5 story stairway. Many of these projects require landmarks approval. If you are located in NYC and need a survey or facade inspection, contact Kohn Architecture today.

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