Gloo Restaurant

Gloo is a modern French bistro in the heart of New York City’s West Village. Chef-Owner Christophe Garnier, with Constance Hudault, recently moved his restaurant from France to New York City. As a restaurant architect in NYC, KOHN ARCHITECTURE was perfect for the job. Garnier hired KOHN ARCHITECTURE to design the interior of this 72-seat restaurant. For instance, Kohn developed the floor plan, seating layouts, lighting, and finishes. Additionally, Kohn made the premises ADA-compliant. KOHN also provided building department expediting services for the project.

The interior décor is a mix of farm-to-table and industrial-modern that riffs on the restaurant’s French country-style cooking. The dining room walls are bathed in a warm umber and the wood floors are stained a rich chocolate color. We custom-designed whimsical industrial-style light fixtures to accent the warm rustic ambiance of the space. The French designer, Pascale Palun created the restaurant’s décor. If you’re in need of a restaurant architect in NYC, contact Kohn Architecture today. You can also view our previous projects.

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