Columbus Avenue Roof Deck & Bulkhead reconstruction

Tar beach was never like this. Straddling 2 separate buildings on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, KOHN ARCHITECTURE upgraded these two Old Law Tenement buildings with the design of a new recreational roof deck amenity. Shared by both buildings, the new wood deck design incorporates landscaping and planters, seating areas and ambient outdoor lighting. One of the challenges for this project was that the underlying roof is sloped from front to back for drainage. To avoid damaging the existing roof, KOHN ARCHITECTURE designed a steel structural system that allowed the deck to float over the roof structure. By avoiding the roof structure, the occupied apartments below were not affected. This approach also made it much simpler and more cost effective for the contractor to build.
Located in a Landmarked District, the project had to be reviewed and approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Their main criteria was that the bulkheads not be visible from the street. The new stair bulkheads and deck fencing is set back far enough so that it is not visible.
Another part of this project was the reconstruction of (2) existing stair bulkheads. Over many years they had begun to tilt and leak. The new design of the bulkheads replaces the ugly utilitarian roof entrance with a new wood and stone pavilion topped by a modern stainless steel trellis. The wood siding of the bulkheads reflect the wood deck patterning that ties the entire design together and provides an new oasis on the roof for the tenants added enjoyment of these buildings.

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